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In recent years, after the tyrant's death in Iraq, a movement was formed gradually in Iraq that can be called a great revolution and an epic.

This holy movement has smoothly passed its own powerful and evolution phases, and today the sacred movement of Arbaeen has become a major global movement and a huge international epic. In this massive and unprecedented movement, about 90 countries participate with a mix of Shiites, Sunnis, Christians, Jews, Hindus and even secular.

This global epic in its essence carries a lot of glad tidings for Muslims and other people of the world. The beginning of these glad tidings began with a historical glad tiding by Lady Zainab.

When Imam Husain (a.s.) and his loyal followers were martyred in Karbala, their women and children were captured and taken to the court of the tyrannical ruler and the crime of Yazid. The captive leader, Lady Zainab, humiliated Yazid's strength and made his historical glad tidings as follows:

«انّی استصغرک، فَوَ اللَّهِ لَا تَمْحُو ذِكْرَنَا وَ لَا تُمِيتُ وَحْيَنَا»[1]

“I see you so humiliated, swearing by God that you can never obliterate our name and kill our revelation.”

Zainab's glad tiding is related to the ongoing period of the reformative action and the movement of Imam Husain (a.s.), which is well seen by all the people of the world so far. The other glad tidings we see today are related to the global extent of Imam Husain's movement.

Today, the movement of Arbaeen, although it has Shiite roots, is no longer dedicated to Shiites, but also followers of all religions, divine and non-divine are also active, and this will be more and more highlighted year by year.

No power can bring tens of millions of people voluntarily and romantically from all over the world together around the infallible Imam. It is a crowd that moves from the heavenly and non-heavenly religions with peace and love in a single queue to the shrine of the perfect man. On the other hand, no power can prevent this massive global community and the familiarity of their hearts.

On this website, we are going to briefly outline the Arbaeen glad tidings for Muslims as well as followers of other religions in the world.


[1] Taslīyat al-Majālis wa zīnat al-Majālis, vol. 2, p. 390.

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