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Arbaeen, like the sea, has many unbelievable wonders, but one of its mysterious wonders is a multi-tens of millions of people with a mix of nationalities and religions, all of which revolve around the center of an Imam, "successor of Allah", with the love of the perfect man, they go with a mixture of praise and sanctification to the pilgrimage of his grave. The aggregate of this population, with this amazing combination around the holy personality and a divine leader is not interpretable by the apparent wisdom that captured by naturalism.

The biggest political analysts of the day are also unable to understand this movement and its depth. Only the rational can understand and explain this movement correctly, which is equipped with the illuminated weapon of revelation and the teachings of the infallible Imams, because only the word of God, who is the creator of human beings, as well as the words of the infallible Imams, who are the true successors of God in the interpretation and explanation of His word, are reliable and acceptable.

No one other than God and his innocent successors are aware of human beings and the existential structure and purpose of his creation. Here and in brief, we will highlight a few key points about human truth and structure of divine words and illuminated statements of infallible Imams. Undoubtedly, a proper understanding of human structure will play a fundamental role in deep understanding of the holy movement of Arbaeen and its proper orientation towards the happiness of the human community:

1. All human beings have been created from the single soul, which has been construed as "the Spirit of God" in the Holy Qur’an:

«نَفَخْتُ فِيهِ مِن رُّوحِي»

“I breathed into him of My [created] soul.” (Sura Sad, verse 72)

2. This spirit is the light of the first creation of God, which is referred to in the Holy Qur'an as "the loftiest similitude", the most excellent example of the names and attributes of God:

  «لَهُ الْمَثَلُ الْأعْلَى»

“To Him belongs the loftiest similitude.” (Sura Room, Verse 27)

3. This light is the very truth of the perfect man, which is the first divine creature who is most similar and closest to Him, namely, Noor Muhammad and the Progeny of Muhammad (Peace be upon them). The Holy Prophet (pbuh) reports this fact and this creation: “The first thing that God created was my light.” [1]

4. Imam Reza (a.s.) in this regard, says:The first thing God created was our souls.” [2]

5. We conclude from these statements: All human beings bear the divine spirit and the light of Muhammad (pbuh) and the Progeny of Muhammad (pbuh). And for this reason, this light is constantly shining in the presence of humans all over the world, and has the amazing speed in the tendency towards Islam and Shiism.

6. Yes, all human beings in their origins are the members of the Muhammad (pbuh) and the progeny of Muhammad (pbuh). All human beings have a celestial and divine family, all of which are partner and family in this root. They are the heavenly fathers and the true origins of all human beings.

7. The existence of this divine root in all human beings which called the supra rational power in the specialized discussions of anthropology, makes people, in their essence, love the absolute truth and infinite perfection. Yes, all humans are, without exception, lover of absolute goodness, absolute beauty, absolute science, absolute power, absolute happiness, absolute joy and absolute and eternal life. Undoubtedly, based on the rational reasons, the whole and the part of these perfections are gathered in an infinite and absolute being, "Allah", and therefore Allah is the source of all human beings. Therefore, "Allah" is the beloved and true God of all people, regardless of religion and rituals.

8. Given these preconditions, we understand well that the word "La iIaha ila Allah" means "there is no lover except Allah", it is not only an Islamic slogan and a cornerstone of the religion of Islam and all its teachings, but also a "human truth" and is eternal in the system of creation. Whether people know it or not, in their essence, they carry this divine light and absolute love and infinite perfection, namely, "Allah".

The word "La ilaha ila Allah" is not a matter of figurative and religious, but a true fact and a fixed law of the universe.

9. God, the Wise, Needless and Compassionate, has blessed this spirit in human beings in order make them capable to convey an inexhaustible meaning and beauty to a true and eternal love for a true and eternal beloved, and cause them to be abandoned from their mortal beloved ones of the world. Obviously, man in the world, in love with anyone or anything, is due to the kind of beauty and perfection in which he or she sees, while the origin and principle of all beauty and perfection is great and merciful God; so human beings are in their essence love God. For this reason, humans gradually separate from their beloved ones after a time when they reach the finitude of the little earthly beloved.

10. The greatest human catastrophe occurs when a person does not understand this fact and destroys his infinite life with a quest for mortal beloved ones.

11. Obviously, God is the absolute and infinite being, and like any absolute thing such as sound, energy, light, color, and other things, it is neither recognizable nor connectable until there is a limited appearance; for example, energy cannot be known without communicating in mechanical or electrical form. That is why God, by creating a perfect man, the highest example of the beautiful divine attributes, on the one hand, made it possible to be recognized for humans; and, on the other hand, He made it easy to be loved by mankind.

12. The love of every human being to the perfect human beings is due to their greatest similarity to God, and for having human attributes and divine ethics, that is why they represent the perfect manifestation and are the mirror of the Beautiful and Compassionate Lord. Throughout the history, the prophets and divine leaders have been the most beloved people, because they manifested Allah’ attributes more than anyone else, and on the contrary, the tyrants and enemies of the prophets and disbelievers are the most hated human beings.

Now, with these twelve principles and points, we can easily explain and interpret the sacred and universal epic of Arba’een. In Arba’een-e Husseini, tens of millions of people from about 90 countries give up their all religious and racial differences and at the height of unity and empathy, they gather around the Perfect Successor of Allah and, with admiration and sanctification, approach their true beloved one, Allah.

This approach means that they, with the love for the most perfect manifestation of God and who possesses the most divine attributes, and making him as their pattern, educate their spirit of infinite desires and gradually resemble their true beloved and his divine qualities. The approaching between man and God, as well as man with the perfect man, is not created except by a spiritual similarity to the attributes of God, as well as the likeness to the perfect man.


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