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Every group has a common purpose and a single spirit; and when a group of people forms a society, this community has a collective spirit and a common goal. In the community of tens of millions of Arbaeen, which is one of the largest gatherings of human history in the modern era, all the participants, as well as all those who have not succeeded in participating in the Arbaeen, but are the lovers of this community, have a single soul, which is the same common spirit of humanity and that is the same spirit of God that has been saved in all Humans.

     The Holy Quran, as the last Book on the common soul of all human beings, says: «نَفَخْتُ فِيهِ مِن رُوحِي» “I breathed of My spirit (I created) into him.” The being of this common and divine spirit in all human beings has made them love the beginning and the source of all the goodness and beauties on the earth and hate every kind of cruelty, evil and ugliness.

Humans, if they fall in love with anyone or anything, is for the reason that the one or the thing albeit insignificant, has a degree of goodness or beauty that the principle and all those goodness and perfection are gathered in the absolute perfection being, that is, Allah the Great and the Merciful.

Therefore, in fact, humans have only one true beloved, and other beloved ones have all their goodness, perfections and their beauties from their creator, and they are never the true owner of their existence and perfections.

“lā ilāha illā Allāh” is the most fundamental, beautiful and the most real truth of the creation of man and the world. No love for a man is bigger, more important, more serious and lasting than love for the beauty, goodness, absolute and infinite kindness, that is Allah. All beloved ones lose their fascination versus the absolute beloved of humans, and one day, they abandon the humans.

The only love that remains for man forever and never abandons human is the love for God, who is the eternal true beloved. Yes, the predominant spirit over of one of the largest religious gatherings of the people of the world that composed of all religions is not devoted to a specific religion. This is the spirit of monotheism and the "divine spirit" of all human beings.

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