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Arbaeen is a commandment by the infallible Imams to create the unity, power and survival of the Islamic Ummah, and now Arbaeen has become the symbol of the unity of the power of the Islamic Ummah and the unity of Islam with other religions against the arrogant countries.

Arbaeen is a gathering of lovers of peace and friendship from all over the world, next to each other, near the grave of the Imam of Humanity and Love, in order to unanimously declare that in spite of racial and religious differences, they can live in peace, friendship and in close proximity to each other, and to show that, if the ruthless politicians are not, all people of the world, despite the religious and racial differences, can peacefully coexist with each other and live in kindness and affection.

Imam Husain (a.s.) is the greatest symbol of justice and peace in the world who collects his lovers and children from all nations and religions to teach them the lesson of liberty and justice and the fighting against the arrogant of the world, and to teach them to love each other and to unite on the basis of the divine and human spirit, and establish the international and global civilization of humanity.

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