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In the heart of Kerbala;

has taken halt, the son of Zahra.

The night gently befalls;

upon his faithfuls,

the lonely commander calls.

Some words of wisdom with them he shares;

for a sea of knowledge his chest bears.

The Master of Martyrs announced;

"Time is there, awaiting still,

Take leave my loyal friends,

for it is me whom they want to kill."

With this he extingushed the candle.

After a while, the candles were re-lighted,

not a single companion's parting Hussain sighted.

"We shall not abandon you"

echoed aloud in the tent.

"Master, do you not consider us reliable enough?"

"Are we uncapable?

"Are we not strong and tough?"

"Our every drop of blood,

we shall in your love sacrifice!"

"The sand on which you stand,

is for us the surmah for our eyes"

With tears in Hussains eyes, he addressed;

"Alhamdolillah , I am truly blessed!

"Neither did brother, father nor grandfather have,

an army as loyal and faithful as I have!

No soul amongst you shall tomorrow stay alive;

Yet in the heart of Hussain your love shall forever thrive".

By: Sister Mardhiya

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